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UV Free Tanning

With UV Free tanning or sunless tanning, you get natural-looking tan matched to your skin tone with just one visit. Many tanners choose to combine sunless spray tanning with sunbed tanning.

Your UV Free tan will last average of 10 days, depending on how you care for it.  

Remember a UV Free spray tan is a completely cosmetic tan and does not provide protection from the sun's rays.

Infinity Sun delivers the finest engineering in HVLP turbine technology enabling health and beauty professionals to provide their customers with the ultimate in sunless tanning and skin care treatments - and all in one system! Whether you wish to offer a mobile spray tanning service, a dedicated room or plan on offering both inbound and outbound services, Infinity Sun has the perfect system for you.

Mystic Tan HD gives you instant color without UV light exposure. Your beautiful tan will set between four and six hours after your session and it lasts up to seven days.

Mystic Tan HD was thoughtfully designed with the desires of the tanner in mind. Although very private, each booth features an open-air design to help you feel relaxed and unconstrained, as well as a range of formulas, which you can use to customize to customize your tan.

During the tanning application, a fine mist is evenly distributed across your body. A specially designed ventilation system allows for easy breathing throughout the process. Once the application is complete, the booth automatically dries your body, leaving you ready to dress with no sticky, after-tan feel. The entire process is quick, quiet and leaves you with a beautiful bronze glow.

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