Level 4 Tanning Beds

Best Tanning Beds Around!
at Solar Tan in Decatur, Forsyth, and Mt. Zion, IL

At Solar Tan, we provide our clients with the most luxurious and modern tanning  experience...but, we're here to provide you with more than just a tan. When you visit Solar Tan, you'll be welcome by our warm and friendly staff. Their duty is to ensure you have a wonderful experience in our salon and are achieving the exact tanning results you desire! 

Sportarredo - Extasy

Tanning Bed Decatur IL

- 15min MAX

- A high/low-pressure combo bronzing bed

- Achieve a beautiful bronze tan in just a few sessions

Sportarredo Extasy is the perfect combination of high and low pressure that maximizes benefits of each tanning style. Build that long lasting tan, with this bed, in just a few 15 minute tanning sessions.

(Available at Solar Tan - Forsyth)

Level 3 Tanning Beds

Soltron - Banana Beach

- 12min MAX

- A high-pressure facial tanners
- Shoulder tanners to minimize tan lines

The Soltron Banana Beach's bold, fruity look will spread summer feeling in the depths of winter. Relax in this stress free bed with turbo powered fans and high pressure facials. This tanning bed keeps you cool and tan in a 12 minute session. This fruity bed features 160w lamps, 530w facials and 25w shoulder lamps that will give you amazing color in a short time.
(Available at Solar Tan - Mt. Zion)

SunDash - Radius252 Stand-Up

- 12min MAX

- The strongest stand-up on the market!

Sundash Radius252 stand up provides a flowing, open-air tanning environment that is sure to accommodate all tanning preferences. With over 6.5 feet of tanning power, the Sundash252 has over 52 200w, tanning lamps that will set you up with a perfect tan in under 12 minutes. This all time favorite tanning bed provides has been a favorite for stand up tanners for years!
(Available at Solar Tan - Forsyth & South Shores)

ETS - Legend 548

- 10min MAX

- Shoulder tanners to minimize tan lines

The ETS Legend 548 inspires and excites the tanners attention. Legendary tanning power and luscious bronze color in only 10 minutes. 180w lamps with 500w facials and 25w shoulder tanners. Mood light effects soothe the soul!
(Available at Solar Tan - Forsyth & South Shores)

Level 2 Tanning Beds

Soltron - Strawberry Star

- 15min MAX

You don't need to be famous to tan in the new Soltron Strawberry Star, but you'll think you're a celebrity with the treatment you receive in just 15 minutes.. A perfect combination of 160w and 120w lamps with 400w facials will get you a beautiful bronze color in no time.
(Available at Solar Tan - Mt. Zion)

Sportarredo - Silver Star

- 20min MAX

Sportarredo Silverstar is a comfortable, practical bed with great performance. This bed sends out powerful results with its package of high power facial and body lamps. This tanning bed will leaving you looking like you just got back from the beach, in 20 minutes or less. 
(Available at Solar Tan - South Shores & Forsyth)

Level 1 Tanning Beds

Sportarredo - LP1

- 20min MAX

Sportarredo LP1 is a sophisticated and modern looking bed that will leave you with a great tan in 18 minutes or less. Don't let the LP1's compact design fool you, it boasts 32, 100w reflector lamps that pack quite a punch compared to other tanning salon's base units.
(Available at Solar Tan - South Shores & Forsyth)

Ergoline - Ambition 250

- 15min MAX

Ergoline Ambition 250 features a expansive body curved acrylic that offers a comfortable, cool tanning environment with the large, rotary foot fan to keep you cool and relaxed. These beds are packed with 120w body lamps and 3-400w high pressure facials that will leave cool and bronze in just 15 minutes.

(Available at Solar Tan - Mt. Zion)

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